Seminarium online "Informatyka Stosowana i Modelowanie Matematyczne" - 24.03.2021

Zapraszamy na seminarium „Informatyka Stosowana i Modelowanie Matematyczne”, które odbędzie się w środę 24 marca 2021 w godzinach 9:45–11:15. 

Seminarium odbędzie się na platformie MS Teams, kod dostępu u9bekb7 

Możliwe jest uczestnictwo osób spoza UWM, chętni proszeni są o kontakt mailowy.

Prelegent: Sławomir Tadeja, University of Cambridge

Referat: Exploring Engineering Applications of Immersive Visual Analytics in VR

Streszczenie: Recent advancements and technological breakthroughs in the development of so-called immersive interfaces, such as virtual reality (VR), coupled with the growing mass-market adoption of such devices have started to attract attention from academia and industry alike. VR is a term interchangeably used to denote both head-mounted displays (HMDs) and fully immersive, bespoke 3D environments to which these devices transport their users to. With modern devices, developers can leverage a range of different interaction modalities, including visual, audio, and even haptic feedback, in the creation of these virtual worlds. With such a rich interaction space it is thus natural to think of VR as a well-suited environment for (1) interactive visualization; and (2) analytical reasoning of complex multidimensional data.

Some of the most promising application domains of such immersive interfaces in the industry are various branches of engineering, including aerospace design and civil engineering. However, the use of these technologies brings its own challenges. One such difficulty is the design of appropriate interaction techniques. There is no optimal choice, instead, such a choice varies depending on available hardware, the user’s prior experience, their task at hand, and the nature of the dataset. To this end, this talk will present a range of VR applications into various engineering domains as well as discuss potential tradeoffs when selecting a particular interaction technique. 


Serdecznie zapraszamy,
Mariusz Bodzioch, Aleksander Denisiuk, Mikhail Kolev, Ivan Matychyn.