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Personal information


I was born in Brest, Polesie, Belarus on Aug 5, 1965.

Other forms of my surname

For different reasons my family name has been many times transliterated to and from Cyrillic. Denisjuk, Денисюк, Denisyuk, Дзенісюк — is also me.

Other forms of my name

For same reasons my name has also been many time transliterated and truncated in different languages. Alexander, Александр, Аляксандр, Саша, Шура, Sasza, Sasha, Olek, Alex — is also me.

Citizenship and current status

I am a citizen of Poland. I live in Elbląg.

My daughters

My daughters are Alisa Denisiuk and Jana Waleria Denisiuk.

Human Languages

My first language is Russian. I am fluent in Polish and English. I can speak Belarussian. I can recognize that someone speaks French or German.

Computer Languages

C, C++, R, Pascal, Perl, Bash, Fortran, Prolog, Lisp, SQL, plpgsql, PHP, XML, XSLT, TeX, LaTeX, DocBook, JavaScript, Java, HTML, XHTML, CSS.

My generation

I am from Generation X.

You are here: Home => Personal Information

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