History & mission

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science was established on 10th July in 2001, but the roots of the Faculty go back to the second half of the 20th century, when Institute of Mathematics and Physics at Teacher Training College and Department of Mathematics Applications at Agriculture and Technology College in Olsztyn were brought into existence.

The Faculty is the centre for mathematical activity at the University of Warmia and Mazury. Researches have been carried out here in a wide variety of fields since 1950. Mathematics is essential to understanding of the organization of our society, to control of nature powers and the environment. Thus, the development of modern world being in a state of flux, has significant, if not crucial, impact on mathematics and computer science. Consequently, more and more advanced mathematization of almost all disciplines of knowledge as well as common informatization of practical activities seem to be one of the most important trends in world wide progress. In this connection, deep teaching mathematics and computer science, and spanning an unusually broad range of mathematical and computer scientific topics in other sciences, are considered to be the main aims of the Faculty. Fulfilling this important mission requires the pursuit of the following mutually reinforcing goals:

  • development of high quality undergraduate and graduate education programs;
  • training professional mathematicians and computer scientists required in economy, management, education and social life;
  • training professional mathematicians and computer scientists being able to apply their knowledge and skills in practice and see beyond the common horizons;
  • continuation of research in mathematical and computer scientific fields;
  • preservation and expansion of mathematical culture;
  • propagation of mathematical thinking;
  • establishing relationships with appropriate public and private organizations at all levels: regional, national, and international.